SimpleSong 0.2

SimpleSong is becoming quite an iTunes competitor, in it’s own way. I’ve used it quite a bit myself, much more often than I thought I would. If you’re tired of dealing with a library, and want a library free music player with a minimalistic approach, lightweight, and close to zero startup time – this might be your thing. Download SimpleSong SimpleSong Screenshot
New stuff:
– You can now doubleclick or drag tracks from the finder to the dock icon, to open the tracks as a playlist. This totally adds usefulness.

– Cmd + right arrow skips to next song.

– Fix of a small bug – the app didn’t stop looking for the next track in the end of a playlist.

So try a little do re mi fa!

Sing a simple song

If you’re like me you have a lot of music on your computer. You’re also fed up with maintaining a library of it all. Half the time I would just listen to music in Quick Look, if only it wouldn’t stop the moment I leave the finder.

So this is as simple as it gets. You enter a search term and SimpleSong does a Spotlight search on your computer and plays the search result. You can search for anything really – artist, album, genre, comment – the whole id3 tag is accessible in Spotlight. A more narrow search query is quicker to find though. You can now also drag tracks from the finder to the dock icon, to open the tracks as a playlist, which of course totally adds usefulness.

You play it, you stop it, you skip a song. That’s it.

Download SimpleSong

SimpleSong Screenshot

Overlay app

Selecting an image would in some projects be quicker if you actually could see the image in the context. If you’re making a magazine, a brochure or a web banner, the design could be pretty much set, and you just need the image to go with it.

So, what Overlay does is to show your graphics with transparency. If you have an eps, pdf, or a png you could open it in Overlay and place it for example over your stock image provider, and then quickly browse through images.

Here I got my Pet World Grand Opening banner, for which I need a great pet shot.

You could also use this for say a photography shoot for an ad, when the design already is set. To instantly get to view the images in context could help you to spot mistakes or make small adjustments.

Download the app (mac only).

This is a rough alpha version, take it for what it is. One could easily imagine a few useful features like resizing, outlining the surface, inverting the colors and tabs with different artwork.