Figurerunning a corgi

I like running, and figurerunning makes it even more fun. Don’t know what figurerunning is? Oh! Basically it’s just GPS tracking helping runners draw dicks on maps while running. What’s not to like?

We made a tool helping runners being creative while planning their routes. In this proof of concept we let users draw figures which automatically snap to roads and bike paths. For every waypoint we store latitude and longitude together with directions. This way we can play audio cues to the user while running.

Below is a GIF showing the proof of concept.


Turns out it’s really hard to draw good routes! I tried to draw a corgi for our NYC-based Emelie to run, but there weren’t any corgi shaped neighbourhoods in Brooklyn. It just barely looks like a dog (a corgi doesn’t look like a dog either so well…).


Creating a mobile event experience using social connections

Red Bull asked us to come up with something mobile and social for their Red Bull Weekender event in Stockholm. We love music, and planned on going to this event anyway, so figuring out the functionality was very fun and actually pretty easy.


For non FB-connected users we pretty much show a lineup, in which the user can star certain gigs. In addition to this we use the GPS to show what the nearest gig is.
FB-connected users get a deeper experience, in which the user’s friends stars pops up under each event.

We also wanted to give the user some pointers on which gigs to go to. A lot of the artists are fairly new and unknown for the general public, so getting some pointers couldn’t be bad right? We decided to fetch all the user’s FB likes from the dawn of time and cross reference these for matches with similar artists in the lineup. It won’t be 100% correct for most users, but it’s a nudge in the right direction.

Every time someone visits the site, we save their coordinates. This data is then used to make a heat map on top of Google Maps, so everyone can see where the most action is at the moment.


The mobile website is currently accessible on, for mobile devices only.

Technologies used in this production: Slim PHP, Redbean ORM, jQuery, Google Maps, Facebook Social Graph API, Grunt, Sass, Compass.

The very first field extension for Simple Fields comes from Earth People

The recently released version 1 of Simple Fields added a nice feature called “field extensions“: using a simple API, developers can add their own custom field types to the plugin. Nice indeed.

For one of our WordPress projects we needed to be able to attach a location to each post, so we though that “hey, let’s make that a field in simple fields!”. Said and done, the plugin is here and it’s called “Simple Fields Map extension” and so far it’s been a joy to use.

If you need to add one or several locations to a post in WordPress then give this plugin a try. It’s really really nice and useful.