SimpleSong 0.2

SimpleSong is becoming quite an iTunes competitor, in it’s own way. I’ve used it quite a bit myself, much more often than I thought I would. If you’re tired of dealing with a library, and want a library free music player with a minimalistic approach, lightweight, and close to zero startup time – this might be your thing. Download SimpleSong SimpleSong Screenshot
New stuff:
– You can now doubleclick or drag tracks from the finder to the dock icon, to open the tracks as a playlist. This totally adds usefulness.

– Cmd + right arrow skips to next song.

– Fix of a small bug – the app didn’t stop looking for the next track in the end of a playlist.

So try a little do re mi fa!

Sing a simple song

If you’re like me you have a lot of music on your computer. You’re also fed up with maintaining a library of it all. Half the time I would just listen to music in Quick Look, if only it wouldn’t stop the moment I leave the finder.

So this is as simple as it gets. You enter a search term and SimpleSong does a Spotlight search on your computer and plays the search result. You can search for anything really – artist, album, genre, comment – the whole id3 tag is accessible in Spotlight. A more narrow search query is quicker to find though. You can now also drag tracks from the finder to the dock icon, to open the tracks as a playlist, which of course totally adds usefulness.

You play it, you stop it, you skip a song. That’s it.

Download SimpleSong

SimpleSong Screenshot