Sing a simple song

If you’re like me you have a lot of music on your computer. You’re also fed up with maintaining a library of it all. Half the time I would just listen to music in Quick Look, if only it wouldn’t stop the moment I leave the finder.

So this is as simple as it gets. You enter a search term and SimpleSong does a Spotlight search on your computer and plays the search result. You can search for anything really – artist, album, genre, comment – the whole id3 tag is accessible in Spotlight. A more narrow search query is quicker to find though. You can now also drag tracks from the finder to the dock icon, to open the tracks as a playlist, which of course totally adds usefulness.

You play it, you stop it, you skip a song. That’s it.

Download SimpleSong

SimpleSong Screenshot

8 thoughts on “Sing a simple song

  1. An integrated spotlight search doesn’t make much sense to me as long a no results list is displayed. The way it is, this serves more like Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

    So, nice as a Drag’n’Drop target to play files if you have a need for this (a menubar icon would make sense, btw, as would controls in the dock menu), but that spotlight thingy I don’t get.

    Oh, buttons for “pause” and “previous track” wouldn’t harm, I guess.

  2. I would love this small app, but without spotlight search. Instead a normal Playlist, and a back button!

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