EP Social Widget – Tiny social widget for wordpress

When started, it is so much easier to continue. Today we have released our very tiny social wordpress widget. It is simple, this plugin will add and widget on your site in witch you can choose to display a RSS, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr icon, linked to you profiles or thoes sites and your sites RSS feed.

More information at the WordPress plugin directory.

Update Jan 13: Added Google Plus
Updated Jan 30: Added Youtube & rewriten CSS

Our first released WP plugin – EP Comments Export

WordPress is a system we have been using a lot , since years back. Today, for the first time, we release a plugin to the WordPress plugin directory.

The plugin, with the name EP Comments Export, lets you easily export all comments and comment meta data from a specific post, page or custom post type. The export will be saved as a .csv file for you to download. To download the .csv file, just click the new icon added in the all posts/page list.

Today you can only export comments. There are plans on making it possible to import an exported .csv file to a post.

You find more information and the plugin at wordpress.org plugin directory.

Christmas gift to the Internet: Hundstallet WordPress plugin

I recently fell in love with _all_ the homeless dogs on the Hundstallet website.
I’m sure everyone would. And seeing as dogs has been mans best friend for many years, i thought we’d better give something back.

When installed, this WordPress plugin will override your theme’s 404 page and instead display a random homeless dog + links back to Hundstallet and to your homepage.
Try it here! Download and contribute here! UPDATE! We have now released this plugin at the WordPress plugin directory, we recommend you to download it from there in the future, still, the git repository will be kept updated as well.

Since Hundstallet is a Swedish organisation, all copy is in Swedish.

(Hundstallet does not know about this plugin. If you are a representative for Hundstallet and like us to take this plugin down, please let us know.)

WordPress plugin for fetching hashtag images

Some time ago i made a quick and dirty site for displaying images from a certain Twitter hashtag. Some hours ago i was asked to tweak this into a WordPress plugin, and here we go. This is just tested on my environment, but should be alright on any WordPress 3+ installation on PHP5 with libcurl.

It currently works with twitpic, instagram, yfrog, plixi, flickr. Adding more services is quite easy and can be done on request. URL’s are being curled and cached for 10-12 minutes using the built-in WP_Cache.

The plugin, when enabled, exposes a template tag which you can add to your theme:

 echo '<ul>';
 echo hashimage('hashtag=unicorn&limit=5');
 echo '</ul>';

I can’t be bothered add this to the official WordPress repo, but please download it (or fork it!):

Some notes:
– The Twitter API only returns the latest results when searching on hashtag, so the result set is limited due to this.
– CSS is up to you. Really. I can’t do CSS. It’s magic to me.

simple custom type

there’s a point in every wp project (almost) where i need something more than just posts and pages. like stores with longlat data, albums from an artist in the sidebar, etc. now, there are a couple of plugins that do this, like pods and flutter, but they both have their downsides (pods is complexity+doesn’t play nice with wpml and flutter is just plain evil).

so i decided to hack something together which would fill my needs. this plugin cannot collide with anything in wp core or any plugin. please use as you see fit.

1. install the plugin
2. configure your first custom type in the customtypes folder inside the plugin. i’ve included an example type called storelocator which you should be able to rework into your own needs

3. if you enable “showhelp” inside your customtype, you will be presented all the code you need to get this into your templates

4. start inserting and editing content in your new content type!

now don’t go hog wild with this plugin. the plugin stores all data in a single table outside your wp installation and uses serialization/regexps to store/get the data. this means that if you have 1 million rows it will take a couple of seconds for the site to render your data. but if you have 1 millions rows you should probably concider using pods instead (no, not flutter).
click here to download the plugin (v.1.0)