Christmas gift to the Internet: Hundstallet WordPress plugin

I recently fell in love with _all_ the homeless dogs on the Hundstallet website.
I’m sure everyone would. And seeing as dogs has been mans best friend for many years, i thought we’d better give something back.

When installed, this WordPress plugin will override your theme’s 404 page and instead display a random homeless dog + links back to Hundstallet and to your homepage.
Try it here! Download and contribute here! UPDATE! We have now released this plugin at the WordPress plugin directory, we recommend you to download it from there in the future, still, the git repository will be kept updated as well.

Since Hundstallet is a Swedish organisation, all copy is in Swedish.

(Hundstallet does not know about this plugin. If you are a representative for Hundstallet and like us to take this plugin down, please let us know.)