webhook thingie

so you want to be able to ping your local computer when something happens on the internet? not a problem, thanks to xmpphp. the flow would be:
your code -> xmpphp -> googletalk -> adium -> growl. neat huh?

some ideas where this may come in handy:
– when a cron script finishes on a server,
– whenever a comment is held for moderation on your blog,
– on successful svn commit or deploy from springloops (or beanstalk?) which uses webhooks. this is how we use it…

to get this working, download the xmpphp files from google code and tweak the example files according to your needs.

this will not work on all webhosts though, and to be honest the only shared hosting i got this working on is dreamhost. any vps will probably do, as long as the firewall is configured correctly (or turned off…).

(UPDATE: through the wonders of twitter i heard about this python project, using google app engine. fyi.)