Line-out scrobbler – when DJ’ing

When DJ’ing at Debaser Slussen yesterday, we decided to hook up the Line out scrobbler to the DJ mixer. I knew that Echonest wouldn’t be able to resolve all weird stuff we play, but was hoping for at least 70% success rate. Unfortunately we had a resolve rate of about 20%, which make our little hack project quite a disappointment. We also had 3 incorrect resolves under the 7 hour long DJ set.

According to Echonest, the catalogue is only about 150 000 songs, and until this grows substantially, this project will be put on hold.

Here’s a clip of us in action last night:

Here’s the feed we scrobbled to:



2 responses to “Line-out scrobbler – when DJ’ing”

  1. Hi EarthPeople,

    It has nothing to do with scrobbling but can you please tell me the name of this song. I know it from somewhere but can’t seem to remember from where.

    Also not the right post to thank you for it but whatever, thank you so much for SimpleSong, great app.


  2. peder fjällström Avatar
    peder fjällström

    hi lau,

    that would be “Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place”.
    also, great to hear that you’re using SimpleSong, and thanks for stopping by our blog.