Instagram bingo

This is a game that’s perfect for a company event, like our own Helsinki kick off. You get a list with stuff that you’re supposed to capture with your smartphone camera, tag properly and upload to instagram. Some of them are bound to a place, some not. Hard task – more points. In the field you get to see the other teams’ progress, as well as your own, listed and on a map. You also get comments from the web app directly in your instagram feed, telling you if you got points or if the image is no good for some reason, wrong location for instance.

In the backend we have a database with teams, challenges and scores, and a web app connected to the instagram api. The app checks the participants’ feeds for tags included in the game, and compares the challenge geo data to the image location, considering a specified allowed offset in meters.

Our challenges would be something like “Eating a Panda liquorice ice cream in Esplanadin Puisto”. The team would then have to find out what and where Esplanadin Puisto is, try to get there, find a place that sells the particular Panda ice cream, and take the photo. Plus snap a picture of a mullet on the way.

A time frame factor could also be added to the game – “A woman walking into the Arabia Store between 12 and 12.15”

We can make this fun thing happen at your event too. While your staff get loads of fun and team building, your company gets lots of positive social media exposure. Everybody’s happy, for real.


2 responses to “Instagram bingo”

  1. Where can i get this?

  2. you can’t. but you can hire us to build it/set it up for you. 🙂