Our #musichackday hack – Stealing Feeling!

UPDATE: We actually won an iPad Mini courtesy of Echonest for the hack! Very encouraging!

Me, Fredrik and Adrian attended the Music Hackday in Stockholm, and made a little something.

In short:
1. Steal the feeling from someone who’s got more of it than you.
2. Apply it to your music.

It’s based around a 16 step javascript sequencer which a user can program using a drumkit generated in web audio. Then, apply the swing from Aretha Franklin or Squarepusher on your song.

As a bonus, the drumkit plays in the left channel, and a trig signal is sent in right channel, so you can hook up your CV/Gate synthesizers.

We call it Stealing Feeling.

Technologies used: Echonest API (for stealing the feeling), Javascript (for the sequencer), Web Audio HTML 5 API(for creating the drum sounds).