using social media as a cms

We recently launched, a new kind of bike shop/factory on Södermalm in Stockholm. The client wanted website users to be able to participate on the site, so instead of using a CMS to fill the grid with content we used Twitter and Instagram.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.49.56 AM

Each page on the site contains a mix from Instagram and Twitter. The hashtags used are quite unique, and doesn’t (yet) contain any junk. The plan is to use these social media channels to maintain the site, and to engage customers to take part.

Well ok, there is a CMS involved. We automatically create WordPress posts by making scheduled requests to Instagram and Twitter. This is to speed up the experience for the user and to be able to hide offensive posts.

In the future we plan on creating a page which only picks up stuff from the area around the store.



2 responses to “using social media as a cms”

  1. Cool and daring concept!
    Would be interesting to see more “behind the curtain” of this system. I’m guessing that each page / post is drafted by default and then manually approved?

    I crave more information regarding ATR and their process, what so “new” about them and so on (and why they choose aluminium instead of steel in these green times). And I find the logo to be very disturbing. Can’t it just “fade out” or something after you start scrolling? It covers their only USP – their bikes. Luckily, I’m a developer and can remove that brick, but I guess most people can’t.
    That’s my 50 öre.

  2. Awsome!