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Since April we’ve been keeping ourselves busy working on a new web application – – and now it’s finally in the water, with a beta tag. It’s a communication tool, and we do believe the world needs another one of those.

Mootly focuses on the ongoing conversation around a topic, with a group of your friends. You start a discussion, a moot, about for example good lunch joints in your part of town, invite a few of your friends and start to chat. They can invite some of their friends who work in the same area, and after a little while your life is full of great lunches.

Use it to plan a travel, to share stuff with your friends that you don’t want to publish all over the web, to discuss music, to chat about a project at work or about last night’s party.

What’s great is that you know who you’re talking to, and that they’re actually interested in what you’re saying. And the discussion doesn’t have to die after a few oneline comments. Lunch never grows old, right?

So when you feel that the facebook status updates lacks a little depth, when twitter gets too much like a broadcast media, when a group mail seems a little old, and when you still would want to talk online with people you know – start a moot.

* The name is derived from the old english word for meeting, and is also of course a play on the idiom “a moot point”.


3 responses to “ is here!”

  1. is really a nifty tool. i <3 it.

  2. Ran in to the other day and found it both interesting and useful. Only one question, is this project still alive and ongoing or just left behind in the current state?

  3. Fredrik / Earth People Avatar
    Fredrik / Earth People

    We’re using it ourselves a lot, so it’s alive and well, but we don’t have tons of hours to pour into it since we do client work first and foremost.

    It’s really excellent to use for project discussions in workgroups – the sticky real time aspect is great.