EP Social Widget – Tiny social widget for wordpress

When started, it is so much easier to continue. Today we have released our very tiny social wordpress widget. It is simple, this plugin will add and widget on your site in witch you can choose to display a RSS, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr icon, linked to you profiles or thoes sites and your sites RSS feed.

More information at the WordPress plugin directory.

Update Jan 13: Added Google Plus
Updated Jan 30: Added Youtube & rewriten CSS


3 responses to “EP Social Widget – Tiny social widget for wordpress”

  1. Updated to version 0.1.1

    * Fixed correct file path for images and css file
    * New plugins url

  2. Updated to version 0.2.0

    * Added Google Plus
    * Changed description text for the input fields in widgets settings
    * Updated screenshots & description about the plugin

  3. Updated to version 0.3.0


    * Added youtube
    * Rewritten the CSS. Now targeting the a link instead of the img tag
    * Added float clear CSS
    * Updated screenshots & plugin description