PHP Run – a package for Sublime Text 2

I switched from the my old friend TextMate a couple of days ago. And missed CMD+SHIFT+R. In TextMate, this command would run the current PHP file and output the result. Great when you just want to see if your hotfix compiles, or if you want to beautify a json feed really quickly <?php print_r(json_decode(file_get_contents($feed)));

Not rocket science in any way, just a few lines of Python. But works for me and possibly you too. Soon you’ll hopefully be able to install it via the Sublime Text 2 Package Manager, but meanwhile you can grab it from GitHub.

The very first field extension for Simple Fields comes from Earth People

The recently released version 1 of Simple Fields added a nice feature called “field extensions“: using a simple API, developers can add their own custom field types to the plugin. Nice indeed.

For one of our WordPress projects we needed to be able to attach a location to each post, so we though that “hey, let’s make that a field in simple fields!”. Said and done, the plugin is here and it’s called “Simple Fields Map extension” and so far it’s been a joy to use.

If you need to add one or several locations to a post in WordPress then give this plugin a try. It’s really really nice and useful.

WordPress Plugin Simple Fields now maintained by Earth People

Yes, the great – prepare for SEO Keyword madness! – WordPress custom fields plugin Simple Fields is now actively developed by us here at EarthPeople.

This is thanks to the fact that the plugin creator Pär since a while back spends his days at our office, typing away on his Macbook Air or browsing the WordPress Codex trying to remember if the function was called “get_title()” or “get_the_title()”. And … yes, sometimes he also updates the plugin from here.

So, be happy, do cool WordPress stuff, and read more about Simple Fields on it’s own domain

EP Hashimage gets a speedboost

The last few days we have been working on improving the speed if our EP Hashimage plugin. Today, we have released the result, a plugin that loads 70-80% faster when loading from the cache.

This is achieved after a complete rewrite of the caching function. It now used the WordPress Transients API. As usual, you find the latest version over at plugin directory.

Add your own networks

Today, our very populare social wordpress plugin EP Social Widget got even better. We have after requests from our users, we added an option page wich give you the ability to add any network you want to the plugin and your site.

You will find the new option page in the settings menu in WordPress admin under the name of “EP Social Widget”. To add a network, just type your network name and choose and icon to upload. When added you will see it in the list and you can delete it at any time by clicking the delete button far to the right. (It displays when you hower the table row)

Download the latest version (1.0.0) from the WordPress Plugin directory.

Select networks in EP Hashimage

Today we’ve added a new feature to our EP Hashimage WordPress plugin.
You can now (from version 3) choose which networks you want to include in your search for images with a specific hashtag.
For example –  if you want to print images tagged with #cat but only from the instagram network. That is now possible.

This has been on our todo list for a while, but since we only develop and maintain our plugins between projects it sometimes take a while before new features are added.

We hope you’ll find our plugin even more useful with this new feature.

As usual, download the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory, or update it via your plugin manager on your WordPress site.

EP Social Widget now with shortcode

Our very popular social widget plugin has been updated with shortcode support so that you with ease can display your social links in posts and pages. Here is a short how to.

[ep-social-widget facebook="" gplus="" rss="1"]

Available networks are

  • facebook
  • gplus
  • twitter
  • flickr
  • youtube
  • rss

Just use the one you want to display in your post/page and give it a link. The RSS option only need a 1 as value if you want that displayed. Remove any network completely to remove it from the post/page.

Download it from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Base64-encoding media assets in WordPress

I needed to serve some WordPress posts as web views to some mobile apps. But the app guys wanted the all the images inside the_content to be encoded into base64-strings, for offline caching. This was made into a tiny little plugin which you can download and use as you see fit.

When enabled, this plugin will encode all images sitewide on your website. This is generally a bad idea. Should you need help tweaking the plugin further, just drop me an email. Download the plugin here.

UPDATE: This plugin is now released at the WordPress Plugin Directory. Download the plugin here.

Hashimage updated with async loading

From the start we always felt that we needed to do something about the slow loading of the hashimage plugin. Today we have updated it with the option to use async loading, letting all the heavy work to be done after initial page load. See the settings page for this new option.

In this update we have also integrated support for and images in the lightbox are no longer cropper and cut, say hallo to the whole image scaled down.

As usual, you find this amazing plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory and please leave a comment if you have any suggestions or just like the plugin.

The new latest version is 2.3.0.