Base64-encoding media assets in WordPress

I needed to serve some WordPress posts as web views to some mobile apps. But the app guys wanted the all the images inside the_content to be encoded into base64-strings, for offline caching. This was made into a tiny little plugin which you can download and use as you see fit.

When enabled, this plugin will encode all images sitewide on your website. This is generally a bad idea. Should you need help tweaking the plugin further, just drop me an email. Download the plugin here.

UPDATE: This plugin is now released at the WordPress Plugin Directory. Download the plugin here.


One response to “Base64-encoding media assets in WordPress”

  1. Hi
    Great plugin!
    I am trying to modify it to encode ing urls in a variable not just in $content via apply filters.
    I am also posting this on since I can’t see an option to subscribe to the comment thread here.