We at Earth People have a bunch of WordPress plugins that we have developed over the years. Some of them are even pretty usable! That’s why whenever we hear about a new WordPress site being released here in Sweden, we eagerly try to find out if any of our plugins are being used.


Previously that meant that we manually checked the site for our plugins. Yes. Manually. One after another we checked the site to find traces of our plugins (CSS files or readme files and so on).

It was boring. It was time consuming. And finally we gave up and decided to do something about it.

So we built the WordPress plugin checker. A simple automatic tool where we – and now also you! – can check any WordPress site for plugins. We have been using the tool internally for a while and it’s been working pretty good.

It’s kinda fun and exiting to see what plugins a site is using. What don’t you go and try it to see for yourself?

Let us now what you think in the comments for this post or at @earthpeople. Oh! And if you find any of our plugins on a site please let us know. It makes us so happy and proud.

/The lab rats