Integrating Snapchat


A client asked us what could be done, technically, with Snapchat. You may have heard about Snapchat this fall. It apparently has millions of users and are refusing to sell out to Facebook for billions of dollars.

Many of us at Earth People have been using Snapchat for a few months, and like it alot. It’s fun! Try it!

Technically then, what can be done? Not a lot, it turns out. There’s no API and the Terms and Conditions clearly prohibits use of the service from outside their apps.

We couldn’t care less about the legal stuff. Their internal API has already been reverse engineered, and making a quick proof of concept was easy.

From now on you can follow our Snapchat-user earthpeople-git to see a “Story” of our latest GIT commit messages. Would I advise a client to rely on this technology? No. Is it fun? Yeah kinda.