Creative Technology @ Internetdagarna

Just after my blog post about how my family uses Slack, the nice people at IIS asked if I wanted to host a track at Internetdagarna in November. Since the blog post came about while misusing technology, I figured the track should be about this. The name of the track: Creative Technology (because that’s the fancy name for goofing around with web stuff).


Friends and colleagues from the industry will participate, and what we really want is to inspire people to make new stuff using technology. We’ll be showcasing the limitations and possibilities with new platforms and ecosystems and hopefully inspire you to combine them into products and services only you can imagine. We’ll have people talking about prototyping hardware, explain the basics of machine learning, live code a bot and more. Not a lot of detail, more examples and inspiration.

Meet the speakers:
Sonja Petrovic Lundberg
Jakob Öhman
Sanna Frese
Carl Calderon
Magnus Östergren
David Eriksson
Adam Agnaou
Farvash Razavi
Darius Kazemi
Fredrik Mjelle
Maria Starck
Christian Heilmann
Fredrik Heghammar
Peder Fjällström

After this day you will probably have more than a few ideas of stupid things you want to learn and/or build stuff with. You don’t need to be a developer to attend, but being childish does help.

Get your ticket here:

Use the code 2016IND to get 20% off your ticket.


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