Time tracking via Slack

Time tracking in general sucks. And we don’t timetrack unless we work in projects that we bill by the hour. Since we live our lives in Slack, and are pretty decent developers, I figured we could make this suck slighty less.


Each channel has a command called /timedude which takes a few options:
/timedude add 1h added spacer.gif (adds 1 hour for today along with a comment)
/timedude list (lists your own activity)
/timedude listall (lists everyones activity in this channel)
/timedude export (responds with a url to a csv export)

A new addition to Timedude is integration with Buddy.works, which is a git and CI/deploy platform we just started using. An hour or so, after the end of the workday, Timedude will check all git repos for commits, and if someone has made a commit to a repo and not reported this in the corresponding Slack channel, Timedude will ping the committer on Slack.

You are free to take our code and use it as you see fit. It doesn’t come with support, but it’s only like 200 lines of code in total so you can probably guess how it’s supposed to work.

(The code does very much suck, but it works. Refactor coming up. Any day now…)